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The Exothermic Welding Connection process is a simple efficient method of Welding copper to copper or copper to steel. One advantage is that NO outside power is required when using the Exothermic Welding. The Exothermic Welding Process uses high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. Exothermic Welding consists of copper oxide and aluminum oxide, The most important one being that the process produces a molecular joint and not just a mechanical one in between the conductors. It is produced through a starting reactant which provides enough energy to activate the Welding reaction. This takes place quickly and safely inside a graphite mould. The mould is designed specifically for a certain union depending on the elements to be Weldinged and the joint type required. We guarantees all types of joints, not only copper cable unions but also to Welding tapes, brass metallic pieces, stainless steel, steel ground rods covered with copper, etc. It is especially useful for joining dissimilar metals.

Exothermic Welding is a simple, cost-effective and permanent Welding connection that uses a high-temperature exothermic reaction to create a molecular bond. It does not require an external heat or power source. Exothermic Welding is the universally preferred method for making permanent copper-to-copper and copper-to-steel electrical connections. Its performance is superior to all existing surface-to-surface mechanical connectors. Exothermic Welding works when others won’t!

How it Works?

The Exothermic Welding System is a Welding process that utilizes an exothermic reaction (a chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of very high temperatures and light) to permanently joins metal connections. Exothermic Welding uses a light-weight, clamp-on graphite mold to safely position and contains any Welding required. The exothermic reaction creates an intense miniature furnace with temperatures exceeding 2,500 °F, instantly producing molten metal which flows into the Welding cavity, filling any available space. After waiting adequate time after the initial process, the mold can be released and the finished connection removed.

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What is Exothermic Weld?

Exothermic Weld System is a very effective and cost efficient method of making electrical connections in high quality which includes Large Connection or Small Connection. It is a simple self-contained system that uses the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide, aluminium and other required chemical and materials, within a mould to form permanent electrical connections.

What and Which Metal can be Weld through Exothermic Welding Powder ?

The process of exothermic Weld is a method of making electrical connections from Copper to Copper or Copper to Steel and it can join any Metals to Metals like Bronze, Galvanized metals and Stainless steel etc , in which no outside source of heat or power is required.

What are the Accessories Requires for Exothermic Weld Joints ?

What are the Accessories Requires for Exothermic Weld Joints ?

  • 1) Graphite Mould
  • 2) Exothermic Weld Powder
  • 3) Steel Disc
  • 4) Ignite Powder / Starting Powder
  • 5) Cleaning Brush Set (Soft, Hard and File Card Brush)
  • 6) Flame Torch
  • 7) Mould Handle
  • 8) Hand Gloves
  • 9) Flint Gun
  • 10) Sealing Compound
  • For More Details of how this Accessories are been used, kindly visit our web page of Exothermic Weld Accessories

    What is the Process for Exothermic Weld OR How the Metal is Weld by Exothermic Weld?

    In Exothermic Weld Process, the following are the steps

    Step 1 - The two conductors that is to be joined are placed in the Weld cavity and than the steel disc is located in the base of the crucible in the Graphite Mould.

    Step 2 - After the disc is placed in the Mould, Exothermic Welding Powder Material is poured down into Graphite Mould followed by Starting Powder

    Step 3 - Some Ignite Powder should also be sparkled on the Mouth of Mould and than ignited by Flint Gun.

    The process of igniting the particles creates extremely high heat i.e upto 2000 degree Celcius and produces Exothermic Reaction which also melts the Steel Disc and then the Exothermic Weld Powder flows into the Weld cavity thus filling any available space and completes the Weld. In Weld cavity the molten copper alloy partially melts the conductors. The molten copper alloy gets cooled and forms a fusion Weld which solidify before it is removed from the mould.

    This entire process takes only upto 10 to 15 seconds to complete. Then the mould is ready for the next Weld after a brief cleaning with a brush. Exothermic Welded connections produce a permanent connection, superior in performance to any known mechanical or pressure type surface-to-surface contact connector. Due to the fact that the connection produced is a molecular bond so an exothermic Welded connection will not loosen and there will be increase in resistance over the lifetime of the installation.

    The Process is very Simple and hence a Laymen can do the Job Work by just seeing the process once. Hence one need to ensure that the process should be undertaken carefully and proper instruction should be maintained by the Laymen. For more details please visit our page of Exothermic Weld Process

    Exothermic weld is a process that achieves the molecular binding among two or more metallic conductors by a chemical reaction. This molecular binding improves mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion properties compared with any mechanical connection. exothermic weld is the best way to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections for any installation requiring an earthing system.

    What are the Advantages or Features of Weld done from Exothermic Welding Powder?
  • Molecular bonding of Copper to Copper and other metals can be made
  • Ensure excellent conductivity in the electrical grounding
  • Exothermic Weld Joint ensures permanent molecular bond
  • Longer life span
  • Not required any external power or heat source required
  • Safe operation, without professional technology knowledge, easy to learn
  • Very simple tools and equipment that results in execution of high efficiency
  • Will not deteriorate with age and will never loosen or corrode etc
  • Exothermic Weldings - Application

    It is ideal for the following application:

  • Earthing joints,
  • Strip joints,
  • Solid wire joints,
  • Rod joints,
  • Cable joints,
  • Lug connections,
  • Cable and Rail joints,
  • Hence this Exothermic Welding Powder is used in Grounding & bonding and lightning protection in Power plants , Substations , Transmission line , Refinery , Industrial plant , Commercial plants , Telecommunication tower , Building , Housing etc.

    Type of Joints possible from Exothermic Weld:
  • 1) Horizontal Joints
  • 2) Vertical Joints
  • 3) Straight Joints
  • 4) Cross Joints
  • 5) Overlap Joints
  • 6) L shape Joints
  • 7) T shape Joints
  • According to the customers specification and requirement any shape Joints is Possible through our innovative design of Graphite Moulds.

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